Some of the Worst Home Inspections Ever

This Old House has an incredibly disturbing, yet incredibly interesting series on their website titled “Home Inspection Nightmares“. It’s basically just a compilation of some of the worst home inspections and their findings, ranging from major mold issues to items such as zip ties and basketballs being used as stand-in hardware tools. There were leaks and leaky pipes (that’s a high water bill), hedges like this one that is overgrown and growing into crevices like chimneys, surprise and not welcome guests in sinks and other areas (you will have view it to really see what kind of critters exist), there were make shift contraptions to fix things that could cause more damage than provide corrections, and MacGuyer made a visit. You really must take a look to see what you need to avoid when caring for your home. Because most of us do not want to appear on This Old House’s worst home inspections ever list.

Let the madness begin by clicking anywhere on the image below!

the worst home inspections