Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb AppealSprucing up the exterior of your home adds incredible value not only to those driving and walking by, but also to your own standard of living. Stress goes down when you know your home is in the best shape, and looks the best that it can. You have the freedom to relax on your weekends instead of fretting about how to make your home more livable. Better Homes and Gardens, a great resource for all things home related, has a great list of easy-to-do projects. Here are a few of our favorites for enhancing curb appeal:

  • Create symmetry — Arrange your outdoor lighting fixtures and potted plants symmetrically. This instantly and easily adds some beauty to your home.
  • Replace the old hardware — Get a new mailbox, door knob, door knocker, address numbers, etc. All those little things that once shiny, have dulled over the course of time.
  • Dress up the front door — Give it a fresh paint job and hang a nice wreath (they aren’t just for Christmas).
  • Install outdoor lighting — On your porch, along the driveway, bordering the flower gardens in the front. A bit of light seems to add some magic to your exterior!
  • Create an instant garden — Go to your nearest plant nursery and buy container plants. Line them up along the sidewalk to your front door and you’ll look like the green thumb you’ve dreamed of being.
  • Add outdoor art — Find a nice sculpture, bird bath or fountain and add some spunk to your yard. Even something smaller like wind chimes can count!
  • Put fresh bricks along your plant bed — This gives your beds the look of professional landscaping, and can be done in an afternoon.

These tips are great solutions to adding curb appeal to any home.