Housework creates Happy Marriages

Studies show that the more spouses share in housework, the happier the marriage. In fact, sharing household responsibilities is one of the top three issues associated with martial satisfaction. With the other two issues being faithfulness and good sex. So on this Valentine’s Day, why not give your spouse a coupon book of helpful home chores. Get out of your comfort zone and tackle some of the chores in the home! You might not otherwise feel confident in performing. Commit to finishing the tasks and add more throughout the year for a year full of fun together!



Track Maintenance

Let HomeZada help you with these tasks by adding maintenance tips and to dos in your HomeZada calendar! You will be alerted to when all tasks need to get completed! And when your tasks are completed, a fun night out on the town is a great reward! Housework supports a successful marriage!

2 Responses to “Housework creates Happy Marriages”

  1. The coupon book is a great idea. It’s strange I’m one of those people that will clean if they are home alone but if another person is there even my husband I won’t think about it. I definitely need to consciously change some habits.

    • Glad we could give you the idea of a coupon book. Successful marriages have shared responsibilities. Our married couples at HomeZada love this fun gift with notes of free vacuuming, good for one car wash, a clothes washing coupon and so much more along with big thank yous for helping each other around the house. Have some fun!