5 New and Unique Ways to Use a Shed

5 New Ways to Use a Shed

A shed is a great way to store tools, equipment and machinery for your yard or your home’s maintenance.  However, sheds are now used for other types of functions.  Sheds are a great way to add more space without actually adding on with a renovation or remodel.  


If you are an avid gardener, then a shed is a great place for your to keep your supplies and can also act as an area to get seedlings started into plants.  This is great place to map our your gardens and plan for the planting season.  Sheds can be used hang dried flowers and herbs for use in recipes, gifts or home decor.

Writing Space or Home Offices

Are you a writer or work full time or part time from  home?  If so, a shed is great space to create privacy that allows you to get your work done. Outfitting your shed with electric and windows give you some elements that make a work space more productive.  A shed as a work space is a great way to get away without fighting commuter traffic.

Play Space

Adventure is what children often crave.  Using a shed to create a playhouse, storage of toys or a land based tree house can give your children the ability to find the adventure they crave.  Getting the kids involved to help with the design of the shed for their use is a great family activity.

Hobby Room or Art Studio

Maybe you have this insane ability to create masterpieces from painting to sculpting or wood carving.  Using a shed to manage your your craft will give you the peace to create and also keep the excess mess out of the main house.  For the hobbyist out there, a shed can have the same affect by giving your peace to get your work done and giving you a specifically designated space for your tools and materials specific to your hobby.

Workout Room

Maybe what you really crave is a place to work out that will not bother the rest of the family but keep you close so that you can get your workouts in when it is convenient for you. Turning a shed into an exercise room where you have space to get your yoga moves in or where you can lift weights to increase your muscle capability can easily be converted.