Orange You Inspired, Decorating with Color

With pumpkin season in full swing, we are so excited about the color orange. For sure, this color is definitely one of those colors that can makes a room stand out. But many folks do not feel comfortable introducing orange into their home decor. Because this color can feel so powerful, it may actually feel harsh. Using more muted versions of of this color or adding accents of the color can help introduce the vibrant and powerful color to your home.  Some people are looking to make a big bold bright statement, so why not paint a wall with this amazing commotion. This bright bold wall will show everyone that this a representation of your outgoing character.

What Does This Color Say About You

The color orange generally represents optimism and excitement.  As a result, if you are adventurous or a risk taker you might be this color’s fan.  Sometimes, if you are a spontaneous person and you love to eat, a shade of this color is definitely your favorite color. However, manage the amount of this color found in your kitchen. Because you just might eat more than your tummy can hold.

Take a look at these orange inspired rooms and let us know what you think.

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