Home Maintenance Tip: Reorganize Bedroom Closets

Home Maintenance Tip: Reorganize Bedroom ClosetsYour closets probably grow with more and more clothing and personal items in them as the year goes on. Yet, the physical space of the closet doesn’t change. Additionally, your likes and dislikes over which clothes you like and dislike changes over time. This is a great time of year to take the opportunity to reorganize bedroom closets. And if appropriate, determine which items you don’t want and can live without, and considering giving them away to family or to various charity organizations. It is a great time of year to make room for bulkier clothes needed for the winter months and for all the clothes you might get from all the holiday festivities. Reorganize bedroom closets is a great way to also clear the mind.

How to organize your closet

There are a lot of factors to consider when you reorganize bedroom closets.  First, take a hard look and determine what in your closet you can live without. Maybe you have not worn a piece of clothing in years and it is time to reconsider keeping it when valuable space is needed for the clothes you love to wear. Maybe your adventure with a patterned look really just does not look good on you, but for someone else it might be a hit. Remove what you do not need or want from your closet and donate away.

Next create a little organization in your closet by aligning like items near each other. Moving your shirts to one area, sweaters to another, shoes in a specifically designed area, pants in another area and so on. Keeping like items near each other will also help you identify with what you have in your closet to quickly get yourself ready in the morning.  Keep in mind weather and align like clothes based on weather.  Possibly moving summer clothes out of reach making room for winter clothes.

Remember you only have so much space in your closet. Therefore to keep a great looking closet neat, it is important to purge items.  If you need to add organizing tools like shelving units or jewelry holders to help you have a better organized closet, now is the time to determine how to implement these items within the framework of your closet.

Happy Organizing!