Home Maintenance Tip: Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

It is that time of year, when outdoor activities start becoming limited based on colder weather. Patio furniture is typically not used in the late fall and winter depending on the climate where you live. It is a good idea to clean patio furniture and move it into a dry storage area like your garage or a shed for the winter. By covering and storing your furniture, you can dramatically increase the life of your patio furniture.  If you do not have a storage area, but can move your furniture out of the direct weather elements that provide some cover, this too can help maintain your furniture for a long time.

How to clean and maintain patio furniture

It is generally best to use soap, water, and a soft brush to clean patio furniture.  If the furniture is wood like teak, check with the manufacturer instructions. This will verify the right products to clean and maintain the furniture. Once your furniture is clean and dry. Move it to a space where it can be protected from the weather.

If you have storage space in the garage or shed, this could be a great place to store your furniture. Storing outdoor furniture inside will also maintain the life of your patio furniture. If you do not have room in these areas, move the pieces beneath a covered deck. Another options is to simply add weather resistant covers that fit your furniture. Make sure they fit snugly so that the covers do not come off during winds. Covers can also protect your patio furniture from the rain and snow.