Stand Up To Natural Disasters with Free Online Preparedness Tools

HomeZada Preparedness - Natural DisastersWe are excited to announce the launch of our new national Home Preparedness initiative empowering homeowners to protect their homes and families against the unexpected. With an average of 25 natural disasters and catastrophes per year in the US alone, we see a definite need to help Americans across the country get prepared before it’s too late. To take action now!

Natural disasters throughout the US can take their toll with an average of $30 billion in property damage every year. Over 88% of all catastrophic loss in the US has been due to natural disasters that were unexpected like hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and wildfires. According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll, 49% of Americans across the country do not feel prepared for the aftermath of such disasters. Now is the time to get prepared.

Protecting the value of your property and belongings can be easy. “That’s why we are stepping in to help,” says Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder at HomeZada. “By providing a free online inventory platform as well as tips and best practices, we’re making it easy for homeowners to get started with their preparedness plans and potentially save millions of dollars in undocumented items. We are trying to spread the ‘get ready’ message, because millions of Americans still haven’t moved into action.”

In addition to launching a new HomeZada web page focused on preparedness we’re working with local press and emergency officials around the country to get the word out to local communities to help ensure families understand the importance of being prepared and the necessary steps to get there.

“In Florida, our residents are impacted by hurricanes, tornados, flooding and wildfires. Each of these hazards representing a significant impact on how our local residents need to get prepared, “ says Todd Kerkering of the City of Sarasota. “Joining together in local community groups like neighborhood associations enhances and encourages the need for our residents to get prepared for the unexpected.”

HomeZada home preparedness tools remind homeowners across the country on the steps to get prepared. Tips like:

  1. Creating an inventory to keep all key information safely and securely in the cloud
  2. Securely storing your evacuation plan to the property documents in your HomeZada inventory
  3. Adding a calendar to-do item within your profile to review and update plans and tips to make sure family is all on the same page
  4. Keeping track of key documents, collectibles to ensure you recoup any potential loss

“Just two hours is enough to document the basics of your property and most valuable belongings, especially if your inventory tool works with your smartphone,” says Kate S. Brown, a Certified Professional Organizer ® and past board director for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).    Brown recommends a simple approach. “Don’t aim for perfect, just aim to get started.  As you have time, you’ll add details, such as appliance model numbers, room dimensions, and paint colors.”

Dodson hopes consumers will see that preparation now can reduce heartache later.  “Creating a preparedness plan is easier than poking through the debris of what was once a home, struggling to grasp all that’s been lost.”

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