4 Quick Summer Home Maintenance Tips

HomeZada Inspect the Fence Around the PoolWith plenty of barbecues and pool parties in the near future you know you need to start your summer home maintenance projects. But you just don’t know where to start. HomeZada knows that there are a number of home maintenance tasks to do this summer. All of these tasks will keep your home running efficiently, keep your family safe, plus maintain the value of your home. Here are four simple home maintenance tips for summer.

Inspect exterior gates and fences

Exterior iron or wood fencing deteriorates over time due to weather. Many times landscaping like ivy or trees can encroach into the fencing. It is important to fix and or replace exterior gates or fencing after being diligent in inspecting them. Keeping the fence in good working condition is important for safety reasons. Children, pets can safely stay in the yard, while keeping others out. Fences act as a security deterrent, as well as, maintaining the appearance of the home.

Inspect attic air vents

Air vents are usually in the attics on the side walls. These air vents keep air circulating in the attic that can help cool the attic in the summer and provide a drying out mechanism in the winter. It is important these vents are not blocked by any debris. And it can be important to ensure screens are intact with the air vents to prevent rodents and insects from entering the house.

Reseal stone surfaces

The trend in many homes the past few years has been stone counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and other entertainment areas. Many people have also opted to put in stone tiles as flooring in certain rooms. These stones vary from granite, marble, travertine, and other materials. Some stone surfaces are porous and can absorb water and moisture. It is important to understand each stone surface you have, and find the appropriate product to re-seal those surfaces. Many of the porous stones will start to discolor over time if they absorb too much water and moisture. This can ruin your overall aesthetic look and could cause replacement.

Inspect your electrical systems

The power to your home and the electrical systems inside are critical to your home operating smoothly. Think about the last time the power went out and how everything shut down. It is a good practice to periodically have a professional electrician checks your systems such as circuit breakers, fuse boxes, meters, connections to other key equipment and general wiring. A periodic check-up can help spot potential trouble before it occurs.

For more home maintenance tips, visit our maintenance library which showcases over 150 annual home maintenance tips. Simple home maintenance can go a long way to a healthy, safe and efficient home.