Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect Roof

Inspect RoofSummer is the perfect time to inspect your roofs. During the summer, you generally have good weather which makes it safer to climb on ladders and walk the roof. Summer also is the time of year when roofing companies are less busy. So you can get a good rate on using a service company for inspections. Roofs can be damaged by various elements including high winds, heavy snowfalls, tree branches, debris from storms. And if you need to climb on your roof, walking on it could cause damage. Read More

5 Ways to Get Your Basement Organized Quickly and Effectively

basement packingGuest Blogger: Jennifer Caughey

Summer is here! With the longer days and — if you’re lucky — more time off, many people set aside this time for finishing projects around the house. One of the top projects on everyone’s list: getting more organized. Your basement in particular probably needs work, if you’re anything like the rest of us.

It’s also a time for vacations, however, and who wants to have to stay home to work on their to-do list instead of traveling, sightseeing, and relaxing? Luckily you can do both if you power through organizing your basement using these five tips. Read More

What you Need to Know about Moving Tips for a Successful Move

Moving TipsMoving out of one home and into another can seem simple but there are some complexities to moving that require a detail account of activities and items.  There are some areas of a move that you need to know about that can help you ensure an organized and positive move. Here are some moving tips to get through a seamless move.  Taking a deep dive into what you own, knowing what you need for your next home, understanding how you are going to transport your home’s contents, and what you need when you move in can bring you some serenity before the unpacking begins. Read More

DIY Tips for First Time Homeowners

2241_first_time_home_buyerCongratulations!!! You are now a homeowner! As a first time homeowner, you may find yourself eager to move into your home, start learning about about the details of your home and then let your mind run away with all the decorating and remodeling projects to make this new home your home!  Now’s the time to also look at your own experience and skills.  Also, take a look at your network … do you have friends in construction or who have performed house projects?  There are projects that every new homeowner can handle by simple reading some instructions and then there are projects that really do require the experts. Here are some tips on what projects are easy to handle with limited experience. Read More

Achieving the Modern Rustic Home Design

Learning how to bring the tradition of rustic home design to a modern look is actually quite easy. It may feel complicated, but if you view some of these tips, you will see how easy it is. Adding a modern rustic design to your home incorporates five different elements. These elements are tone, furniture, design elements, accents and industrial components.

Elements to Create Design

Each of these elements is explained in the following infographic by letsgetcuckoo. Mixing stone and concrete with wood and metals is one way to use these elements to craft the modern rustic design. Using reclaimed wood with older appliances or sleek modern stainless steel appliances will also give you this modern rustic design.

A modern rustic home design takes the rustic or old components to design and incorporates the sleekness of modern design. The result, a blend of old and new and rich and smooth and sleek and tough.  Even layout of a room can vary the design elements. Look up and down when determining how to create your modern rustic look. Exposing duct work in the ceiling can be the very modern style that creates this new modern rustic design look.


Rustic Home Design