Creating a Child Friendly Flooring space

With children crawling, walking and running around your home, understanding what type of flooring to install helps. What type of floor will work well with children and your personal lifestyle. When making this decision, it can also help you keep your home maintenance and cleaning more streamlined.


Some flooring options stand out when it comes to children and meeting everyone’s needs. Carpet makes it easy for kids to safely crawl around. However carpets often get dirty with drinks or some other dropped item by a child. So be prepared for constant clean up.

Hardwood or Tile

Hardwood or tile is easy to clean up but it is important to watch children as they could bump their head and seriously get hurt. Some flooring options can also provide educational elements to a child’s learning by using game oriented carpets on the floor.

Here is a look at some suggestions and views of what type of flooring will work for you and your children. There are also some fun floor options that can add to the education, enjoyment and thrills for your children.