10 Reasons to Manage Home Data through the Homeowner Lifecycle

Homeowner LifecycleThe homeowner lifecycle comprises of buying a home, managing the home and selling that home. The average homeowner buys and sells approximately 6 -7 homes in their lifetime. Everything from becoming a first time home buyer, upgrading to a larger home, and possibly upgrading again. Some homeowners decide that buying a second home for rentals or vacation is a valuable homeowner step. And finally, downsizing into a smaller home once family members have decided to move into their own homes. During these different phases of buying and selling homes, you are managing them and taking care of them to ensure their value. You are looking to keep these homes efficient and it is important that these homes keep your family safe. Read More

Pool Maintenance Tips to Ensure Safety

HomeZada Open the Pool for the SummerPool season is upon us and there are some facts that need to be understood, as well as, safety tips that anyone either owning or participating in the use of a pool should understand. It is estimated that 300 children younger than five years old drown in swimming pools and spas and more than 3,200 go to the hospital due to pool injuries annually, US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In pools and spas, hair, jewelry and bathing suits can get caught in drain covers or limbs can get lodged in suction openings.  This causes problems as people and small children get stuck in these situations and some body parts can be held underwater by suction from the filtration systems causing death.

Reviewing your pool’s equipment and surrounding areas can help prevent some of these injuries.  Read More

8 Things Not to Do When Home Buying

Home buying can be tricky as you need to save money, pre-qualify for a mortgage, establish and manage a budget, and find the house that meets your criteria.  But while all this is happening, there are some actions that you may not want to take like applying for a credit card. Nor do you want to be buying a new car or making an investment into a large purchase. And definitely do not change jobs right before buying a home.  All of these activities could have an impact on your final mortgage approval. And thus, your home purchase.

Look Further

This infographic shares some details about what actions not to take as you are considering buying a home. Jensen and Company is a real estate firm in Salt Lake City, UT but these principles apply across the US.  Read More

Home Security Tips Before You Leave for Vacation

burglaryWoohoo, it is summer vacation time!! It is time to pack the bags, get in the car, hop a plane or RV it to your favorite destination!  But before you leave, we want to offer a few home security tips on preparing your home while you are away on vacation. Vacations and holidays are some of the top times of year where burglaries are highest.  There is nothing worse than coming home from a fantastic vacation to find that your home has been burglarized. To protect your home when you are away, prepare your home with these simple tasks.  Read More

7 Decorating Ideas to Add Color without Painting

purplebedrooom_smallerGuest Blogger: Heather Roberts

The easiest way you can redecorate your home is by repainting it, but dealing with moving furniture, priming the walls, painting and more will take good bit of effort and work if you are not up for it. Changing the look and feel of a room can be completed with some alternative methods instead. The following ideas will give you some insight as to what you can do to make these changes happen if you are not up for painting the walls: Read More