The Top 3 Values of Simple Home Air Filters

 Air FiltersAir filters are these simple and low cost items that provide a big bang in value to a home. Air filters need changing between three and four times a year. If you live in a very dusty area or have a lot of pets, you may want to consider changing your air filters more frequently. But what’s the big deal about these air filters anyway? Why do they make a big impact on a home? And what would happen if someone forgets to change the air filters? Here are some tips that can help every one understand the value of air filters. And what they do for your home and your home’s equipment.


  1. Changing your home’s air filters can help your home’s air become cleaner and free of pollutants. Thus making it easy for your family to breath effectively in your home. Without proper and clean air flow, your family could develop asthma, bronchial infections or allergies. So changing air filters can have a direct impact on your family’s health.
  2. Changing your home’s air filters can improve the functionality of your HVAC equipment. By not changing dirty air filters, your home’s HVAC system could stop working all together or require replacement parts. Dirt particles can clog motors and other components that may not run properly. Without a properly working HVAC system, you could have increased costs of repair or replacement. And potentially an uncomfortable home environment with your home being either too cold or too hot.
  3. Changing your home’s air filters can also increase energy efficiency within your home. Thus reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your expenses.


Your air filters are generally located throughout your home. Some filters are near your HVAC equipment. Oftentimes, your filters have the size of them written on the side panels to help you secure more filters. You can find more filters either online or at your local hardware store. If the size is not documented, then you can measure the filter and use the measurements to buy new filters. Filters with documented MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) are the best filters to buy because you can secure the most efficient system. A MERV rating is an industry standard rating system that gives you the ability to compare filters. MERV ratings run from 1 being the lowest level of efficiency to 16 the highest level of efficiency.  MERV ratings in the 1 – 4 range capture large particles while the higher the MERV rating the smaller the particle it can capture to help keep your home’s air cleaner. You can learn more about MERV ratings here.

Ultimately, changing your air filters have an impact on your finances, your comfort and your family’s health. If you have not changed your air filters, now’s the time to get this done and schedule your next air filter changing.