The Happy Healthy Home

A happy healthy home has a lot of meanings depending on your living situation, your location and the home you live in! The team at Filter Buy asked writers and experts to provide their secrets and advice for a happy healthy home. So 30 experts from a variety of backgrounds in design, nutrition, home care and management, nutrition and green living provided their suggestions for a healthy and happy home. Incorporating plants into a home, using natural air fresheners, dealing with home toxicity, cleaning and goodmaintenance tips, and using the best cooking tools to create healthy food.

Here is a short exert from one of the tips.

Understanding how to care for your home with proper home maintenance will ultimately help a home become very happy. Tips like changing air filters and cleaning out dryer vent hoses allow better air flow through you home which enables healthy breathing. Other benefits of good home maintenance like cleaning out your dryer vent and cleaning out your ventilation system above your stove will be instrumental in preventing fire from these areas which will protect your family. Cleaning out your refrigerator coils, sealing areas around your windows and doors and regularly checking your heating and air conditioning systems will increase the energy efficiencies in your home which thus can reduce your utility expenses. And we all love lowered energy bills allowing us to use those extra dollars for that vacation we have all been planning.

Completing regular maintenance reviews of your home is important to ensure that the home is functioning. During these reviews, occasionally a fix it project will come up and these projects are good to complete in order to have a home that is functioning conveniently for those living the home. The worst thing that could happen is maybe a heating or air conditioning unit goes out in the dead of winter or the heat of summer causing not only a lack of comfort in the home but a risk of health hazards. Or a washing machine or dryer breaks and homeowners need to wash clothes by hand until the appliances can be repaired. When appliances break, our convenience of living changes and extra effort and time is required to complete the task causing frustration.

When caring for a home properly, a home can run well. A well run home is important to the comfort of those living in the home. A well cared for home will create an efficient, healthy and safe environment for the homeowners ultimately resulting in a happy home.

With the tips from these experts, you find this book for your own review here.