7 Common Home Repairs You Can Do By Yourself

This is a fantastic infographic that showcases seven common home repairs that you too can do yourself. Because all homes need care and attention, it is important that you know what you can do around the house. We think you have the skills to perform these projects. Now you need to be confident that you have the skills to perform some of these projects yourself. Here are some tips on how to get these projects completed. The organization that created this infographic, Heiton Buckley, also has and interactive guide that walks you visually through the steps of these home repairs.

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5 Plants that Keep Mosquitoes Away

Rosemary - Keep the Mosquitoes AwaySpring, summer and water are feeding grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can attack a human creating the most uncomfortable welts on our skin. This little bug can getting us itching with discomfort and frustration. You can use sprays and insect repellent to keep the little buggers away. You can even use citronella candles, but did you know that there are some plants that may actually help keep Read More

5 Essential Tools for Home Improvement

Guest Blogger: Kevin Morse

Do you fancy yourself a home improvement aficionado? A DIY diva? A fixer upper? If you consider yourself any of these things, there are few tools that you may already have in your arsenal. If you do not already have them, it’s time for you to take a trip to Franklin Building Supply for help. Owning these tools will make it easier for you to do your next home improvement project. Everything from cutting your own trim to painting your walls will be much easier with the five essential tools for home improvement. Read More

Preparedness during Tornado Season

tornadoThe T’s are taking over April. Taxes and tornadoes are present during this month and tornadoes have a potential to exist from now until October depending on where you live in the country. These two types of activities are generally not that fun, but with both you can prepare yourself Read More

50 Plants and Their Sunlight Needs for Your Garden

Gardening season will be upon us soon and knowing what plants can survive in your specific climate is important. By knowing your weather patterns, you will understand how to invest in the right bulbs, seeds and flowers when designing your garden. There are so many flowering plants that make a yard look so beautiful. Each flower blooms in different seasons. If you are looking for flowers that bloom in spring and summer, then it is best to know specific sunlight requirements. It is also important to know how these flowers cope with different levels of sunlight. Also understanding how the sun rises and sets in your yard, will help you find the best flowers for your garden.

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