Organizing Next Year’s Resolutions and How to Stick to Them

Organizing Next Year's Resolutions and How to Stick to ThemNew Year’s is upon us and many of us set new year’s resolutions or goals. We have good intentions, but often do not finish or commit to our goals. This becomes frustrating and sometimes challenging. How can you organize next year’s resolutions and stick to them? Take a look at these simple steps to help you stick to those new year’s resolutions.

Choose goals that your care about. 

When you think of goals and resolutions, think about what 3 – 5 things that are really important to you. When you care about your goals, you are more likely to stick to them. Be picky about your goals. There are only a few that are major and important enough to focus a whole year on. Three to five goals are doable, but two are even easier to commit to. If need be, lower the quantity of resolutions.

Measure 90 day increments.

When you break down your goals into smaller goals or steps, you will find that you can easily accomplish your goals. It is natural to define a big goal, but these big goals can seem overwhelming. And when they get overwhelming, we all tend to do nothing at all. Which means our resolutions never get met. If you know that saving money for a big purchase is a goal, then know how much you need to save each month and quarter.

Determine the tasks to reach your resolutions. 

In order to achieve our goals, we have to know how to get there. It is like driving across the country. We need maps and routes to drive. We need a car, gas, money, rest stops and overnight stays. And we need food and great music to drive to. Like your resolutions, you need to know the steps and tasks that it will take to achieve the goal. Do not merely think of these steps. Write them down. When you write them down, you have more clarity as to what it will take to accomplish your resolution. You can even use tools like software to help you achieve your resolutions.

Ask for help.

When we have goals, we often think that we need to do everything to reach the goal. Reaching our goals takes help. So do not go it alone, reach out and find the right resources to tackle the goal. If you need financial advice, call a friend who is a financial advisor. If you are looking for help losing weight hire a nutritionist and a trainer. Maybe you need legal help, call a lawyer. If you need to get out more, call everyone you know. Make sure you use your resources. The people around you will be more than happy to help you reach your goal.

Visualize or post your resolutions.

If you post your resolutions and keep track of the steps, people will help keep you on course. If you create photos or a board of what you want to accomplish, you will see your goal every day and you will think of it every day. Being present and seeing your goal, will help you reach your goals. Take the time each day to recite your goal and to focus on those goals to keep you on course.

These five steps can help you stay the course and reach your new year’s resolutions.