5 DIY Ways to Stage Your Home’s Exterior for Winter Home Selling

winter home sellingWinter can be a tough time of year to sell your home, particularly in areas that see colder or inclement weather. The biggest issue that homeowners face in attempting to sell at this time of year, is the curb appeal; with piles of snow and no leaves on the trees, it can be hard to show your home Read More

5 Tips to Saving Money on Your Home Projects

 Home ProjectsWhen it comes to our homes, we are excited to enhance and personalize them with new looks and new technologies. Enhancing a home involves projects that can change the look and use of a home. Projects like adding on rooms for more living space or updating a kitchen for more functionality. Home projects can easily go over budget without proper planning. Read More

Top 10 Things That Need Fixing When You Buy a New Home

Top 10 Things That Need Fixing When You Buy a New HomeWhen you buy your new home, you are excited and exhilarated. You are moving and living in this amazing new place. But then you move in and all of a sudden your need to start fixing quirky things that you did not see when you first looked at the house. These are the top things in the house that generally need fixing when you buy a new home. Read More

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden 

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden Keeping things tidy may start as an idea, but can evolve into a lifestyle. And this ideology extends outside the walls of your home and into your tidy garden. We have all seen that house with the overgrown shrubs look like there is a rain forest on your block. Or there is the other extreme, Read More

5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

5 Fall Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling HomeThere are often areas in our homes that have been forgotten in the cleaning process. Or we just cannot remember when we cleaned it last. Therefore, we start talking to ourselves saying did we or didn’t we clean this area. Generally, we do not answer ourselves because we often cannot remember the last time we cleaned our light fixtures.  Read More