How to Help Your Aging Parents Spring Clean Their Home

Aging ParentsSpring is here and thousands of households will be tossing out the clutter that’s accumulated over the past year if not longer.

Are you ready? What about your parents or grandparents?

If a loved one is limited physically, it can be tough to take part in this annual ritual and chances are good that they won’t ask you for your help.

The result is, that many springs may come and go while the clutter continues to pile up, making the task seem even more daunting…and making it even more likely that another year will go by with nothing done.

That’s why it’s really up to you to observe the state of your loved ones’ home and gently offer your assistance in whatever way you think would be most agreeable to them.

If your loved ones really need to spring clean, but they’re finding it difficult to do or even to start, here’s how you can help.

Create a checklist

Begin by making a checklist of what needs to be done.

Go over what both you and your loved ones agree should be done and tackle the ones that will impact their safety and health first and foremost. Sure, a cluttered second bedroom is a pain, but unless they’re entering that room every day it can be moved to the back of the list.

Design an organization plan

Next, before doing any cleaning at all, come up with a means of organizing what will be kept. Determine where each frequently used item will be stored, with a focus on placing everything within easy reach. This will cut down on the risk of injury from a fall because there will be no need to use a ladder to reach items they use all of the time.

Get some help

Recruit a team to help you get the job done faster.

Make it a fun time to get things done together. Enlisting grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings…even neighbors and friends into the mix with the promise of a celebration afterwards is a good way to get even the most reluctant family member to help out.

To make your spring cleaning “event” more productive, create a list of job tasks – complete with an accurate description of what exactly needs to be done –  then post it in a central location such as the refrigerator door.

Then, either choose the family member for the task(s) or let each person choose what they will do to contribute to the “clean house” cause!

Finally, remember that it can be difficult for aging individuals to let go of their possessions. Always get your loved ones’ input whenever deciding whether something should be tossed or given away.

Doing so will make the process go much more smoothly and preserve your relationship with each other.