7 Special Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Celebrate ThanksgivingAn unfortunate side effect of Thanksgiving landing in November every year is that it’s a wonderful holiday that’s often overshadowed by all of the excitement around Christmas.

When Americans – or anyone else familiar with the holiday – think of Thanksgiving, they imagine things like football games, turkey and stuffing…both the foodstuff and the thing you’re expected to do when you sit down to eat!

And while these traditions are often followed by many who celebrate Thanksgiving, there’s an overarching theme to the entire day…giving thanks for the many blessings we have. However, the way we choose to celebrate those blessings doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else.

Why not add some new traditions to the ones you already have? There are no “Thanksgiving police” who will stop you from adding your own twist to how you spend the day, so take what you love and leave the rest.

And above all, be thankful…

1. Start a Thanksgiving journal

In the morning, before the busyness of the day begins, gather everyone together for a light breakfast together. Give each family member a sheet of paper and pen where they can share the blessings they enjoyed over the past year, no matter how big or small.

Then, save the memories in a Thanksgiving journal which can be added to each year, creating a collection of blessings over the years.

2. Create a tree of thanks

Use construction paper to create a tree with branches to hang on the wall. Then, cut out leaves in different colors where family members can record the year’s blessings and hang them on the branches.

3. Fast as you feast

Set a bowl or tray out before the feasting begins where family members can set their electronics, then see what happens.

Instead of scrolling through the feeds on their phones everyone will be scrolling through their memories for stories to share with each other.

4. Create a jar of thankfulness

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, put a stack of sticky notes and a pen beside a jar or bowl in a busy part of the house such as the kitchen. Ask family members to record things they’re thankful for on the notes and keep them in the jar.

Then, on Thanksgiving day everyone can take turns reading the notes out loud.

5. Register for a Turkey Trot

You might be surprised at the number of races held across the country on Thanksgiving Day.

Think about registering for one of them as a family and spend time together racing instead of snoozing on the couch after falling into a food coma.

6. Do crafts together

After dinner, work on some crafts.

Get the kids involved in creating homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations. If you decorate for Christmas early, Thanksgiving is a good time to hang out decorations. 

7. Play together

For the days leading up to Thanksgiving, set out a puzzle that can be worked on.

After dinner, pull out the kids’ favorite board games, play a game of charades, or have a friendly video game competition.

When you spend time together doing things that everyone enjoys you’re not only creating lasting memories, you’re forging traditions for future generations as well.

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