Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

They say everything is bigger in Texas. We don’t know about that, but it certainly holds true for investment opportunities. The Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex is simply booming right now. The metropolitan area added 132,000 new residents in 2018, which is more than any other U.S. metro area.

Home prices are relatively low, especially for a major metro, but year-over-year growth is very strong. Combined with a robust labor market, that’s a recipe for creating a strong return on your real estate investment. What makes the region even more appealing is that its economy is highly diversified. This means you can confidently invest in property at virtually any income level.

Atlanta, Georgia

Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Like Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta is a major metro area on the rise. It ranked fourth in the nation in population growth in 2018 and is expected to continue growing rapidly in the coming years. The population is diverse and spread throughout both urban and suburban zones. Whatever type of property you’re considering, you’ll find it in Atlanta.

Need more reasons to invest? Home values in the area have increased by 4.7% in just the last year. This steep spike ranks fourth among U.S. cities. Atlanta also routinely ranks among the best cities in America to find a new job. When it comes to real estate, Hotlanta really does live up to the moniker!

Orlando, Florida

Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Who wouldn’t want to live in Disneyworld? Well, you probably can’t buy property in the park itself, but Orlando is still one of the hottest cities in America for real estate investing. Its central location is ideal, straddling the state within a reasonable distance from hubs like Miami and Tampa. More importantly, the Orlando area has led the entire country in job growth for four consecutive years.

However, you’d be advised to act quickly if Orlando is an appealing market for you. The price of entry is very reasonable right now, but its current trajectory suggests Orlando will soon become a costly city for real estate investments. Of course, that just means better returns in the future if you’re willing to seize the opportunity.

Boise, Idaho

Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

Okay, we know Idaho doesn’t quite stand out as a real estate market in the way that sun-soaked Florida or booming North Texas might. Still, the Boise area is quickly becoming a not-so-hidden gem in real estate investment. Take one look at the area and it’s easy to see why. Boise is a beautiful city that offers gorgeous, expansive vistas you won’t find in many other places. It’s especially popular with people who love to embark on adventures in the great outdoors.

More importantly for you, it offers a low cost of living and housing prices that are below the national average. It’s also growing extremely quickly as more people head east from high-cost areas in Oregon and Washington. If the city isn’t your thing, Boise’s growing suburbs are also fertile ground for investing.

Columbus, Ohio

Best US Cities to Invest in Real Estate

It’s been a rough time for real estate in many Midwestern cities, but Columbus clearly stands out as a shining success story. So, what’s driving the city’s success as an investment hotspot? You may not realize it, but the capital of the Buckeye State is actually one of the 15 largest cities in America. Despite this, housing prices – and the overall cost of living – are far lower than the national average.

Economic growth isn’t projected to be as strong as in some other markets, but rapid increases in home values and rental yields still make Columbus a safe bet. Ohio law is also very friendly to landlords, which is an added bonus if you intend to invest in a rental property. The job market is also appealing. The Ohio State University is a major employer, but the overall economy is surprisingly diverse and robust. All of this makes Columbus a great place to boost your passive income.

Final Thoughts

Savvy investing is essential to planning for your future and improving your financial security. Real estate can be a key part of your investment strategy, but it needs to be done wisely to minimize your risk and ensure a strong return. We’d like to make real estate investment more accessible and profitable for everyone. Whether you’re buying a modern property or updating a period home, making a purchase in one of the cities above is likely to be money well spent.