Customer Requested Enhancements to HomeZada

Customer Requested Enhancements to HomeZada

As a valued customer and partner of HomeZada, we wanted to share some updates and enhancements.

HomeZada Enhancements

HomeZada is committed to continuously enhancing its platform. We continue to enhance the platform to make it more valuable for our customers. We recently introduced a new payments feature that allows you to connect to your online bank accounts to automatically bring in all your accurate household expenses. As a HomeZada customer, this gives you instant visibility into the total cost to own and manage your home, as well as, multi-year trend analysis. This visibility enables you to make accurate decisions to manage your home. This also has an impact on your overall finances.

In previous years, we added the ability to create videos and AI technology to help people take home inventories faster. Additionally, we added new document scanning and AI technology to convert photos to text. Trend reports for tracking maintenance costs and future projects were also added. In addition, push notifications for iOS and Android devices, as well as, connecting to your contacts were added to enhance HomeZada.

Pricing Updates

Many of our enhancements come with additional costs to the HomeZada business to provide these premium and deluxe features. These expenses includes data storage, data processing, AI processing, licensing data, product development, testing, security and infrastructure costs. In order to continue to enhance the platform that provides continued value to our customers and with these additional costs, we are announcing pricing increases to our premium, deluxe and professional versions. We are committed to saving homeowners time and money while delivering peace of mind. We hope you understand that these increased costs are to help make home management easier.

Effective March 23, 2022 our HomeZada Premium Monthly costs will be $11.95 per month and the Premium Annual will be $79 per year. The HomeZada Deluxe plan will be $149 per year and will have a 3 property limit. Additional properties can be purchased for $79 per year in the HomeZada Deluxe version.  The Professional version will also be $79 per property and the property sharing fee will be $39 per property per year.

Customer Enhancements

Our customers have told us that they save hundreds and thousands of dollars by using HomeZada. Reminders to pay property taxes, staying on budget with remodels, or hiring previous contractors has saved HomeZada customers large sums of money. Gaining financial visibility into home expense trends or updates on home equity helps determine when to sell a home easier for HomeZada customers. This information often results in large sums of financial gains. 

Many of these features were requested by our customers. We continue to listen to our customers and make HomeZada easier and more valuable to help you manage your homes.

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