Tricks for Properly Taking Care of Your Home

Tricks for Properly Taking Care of Your Home

A home is more than where you park your car and rest your head at night—it’s almost like a living, breathing organism. And like every other organism, it requires care. You have routine home care like mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, but many other parts need attention and often get neglected. Read on to learn some tricks for properly taking care of your home.

Watch Where You’re Putting Produce

Regardless of your home’s size and cleanness, you’ve probably encountered a fruit fly at one point or another. It seems that no matter what you do, these pests always find a way to come inside and bother you. They’re incredibly attracted to fresh produce and produce scraps, which many homes are full of. To keep the fruit flies away, consider storing your produce in the fridge, or use it almost immediately if you keep it sitting out. Anything you leave out for more than a day or two will quickly attract these pests. 

Similarly, instead of throwing used or spoiled produce in the trash, put it down the garbage disposal or create a small compost pile. If you put it in the garbage disposal, you should also pour boiling water down to get it down completely. Additionally, if you don’t have the space for a compost pile, you can store produce scraps in the fridge and get rid of them when you take the trash out of the home.

Take Care of Countertops

The countertops in your home are often some of the most neglected parts. Everyone knows that they need to wipe them down and get any crumbs or spills off, but there’s so much more that you need to do behind the scenes. For example, to properly care for and maintain a soapstone countertop, you must be sure to use a non-abrasive sponge. Soapstone is incredibly sensitive, and anything abrasive can quickly lead to scratches. You can repair scratches with a little sandpaper and water, but it’s better to avoid needing to do that in the first place.

Look Outside

For many homeowners, the outside of their home isn’t something they can control or even hope to understand. Maintaining the outside of your home is quite different from taking care of the inside, as nothing will ever be “clean” like inside. Instead, you must ensure your grass and outdoor plant life is healthy, keep an eye on your foundation, look out for any pests, etc. You don’t always need to work outside, but you should regularly check to spot any potential water damage, signs of pest invasions, or anything else that can spell disaster for your home.

Take proper care of your home with these simple tricks, and all parts of your home will look stunning. Of course, a lot of this care is a lot of work, but by breaking down each task and finding a place for it in your weekly routine, you’ll be taking care of your home effortlessly. 

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