8 Energy-Efficient Home Cooling Projects to Tackle This Summer

Summertime is officially here — and for many, that means more time for home improvement projects. With the heat in full swing, one of the projects on your to-do list might be finding more effective (and efficient) ways to keep your home cool.

No matter your budget, you have options when it comes to reducing the heat inside your house without raising your electric bill. Here are some energy-efficient home-cooling projects you can chip away at this summer.

1. If You Can’t Beat It, Block It

Don’t underestimate the power of window treatments when it comes to lowering your inside temperature in the summer. If the sun beats down on your windows during the day — or if you have a room with a large number of windows — reducing the impact of the sun’s rays can help you keep your home a little cooler.

There are many ways to tackle this one. You can try adding heat-blocking window film to particularly tricky areas. You could also install blinds or shades to keep the sun out during peak times of day. Additionally, blackout curtains can help keep UV rays out of your home to prevent additional heat buildup.

2. Use Box Fans

If you have a large house or areas in your home that struggle to stay cool, consider investing in two box fans. Add one to a window so it’s blowing cool air into the room, and then another across the room so it blows the hot indoor air outside. This can create a nice cross-breeze effect that helps the room stay more comfortable during sweltering days.

You can also try this to blow air into tricky areas, such as staircase landings, to create more of a breeze and help your air conditioner work a little easier.

3. Seal Your Windows

One reason why your home might get warm in the summer is because air is escaping through cracks in your walls. Be sure to seal any cracks around windows or doorways so you can keep your cool air inside.

You can use caulk or insulated foam tape to help seal off any cracks. If you have an attic that’s particularly hot, be sure to seal the door to this room to keep the hot air out.

4. Invest in Better Air Filters — and Change Them Regularly

When it comes to keeping your home cool, it’s important not to skimp on air filters. Look for HEPA air filters to keep allergies at bay and help collect any dust and debris that can clog your air conditioner and make it work less efficiently.

It’s also important to change filters regularly. If you notice your air filter seems gray or black when you change it out, try changing it more frequently, say monthly, to see whether your air conditioner runs a little smoother.

5. Opt for Energy Star appliances

If you need to invest in windows or portable air conditioners to keep your home cool, you’ll thank yourself by investing in units that are Energy Star approved. Designated by the federal government as energy efficient, these units also may help prevent blown fuses.

6. Get a Programmable Thermostat

While having a cool oasis to step into is nice, if you’re gone during the day for work or school, a programmable thermostat can help raise the temperature during the day when no one’s home, and then lower it in time for you to enjoy the cool air when you return.

You can do this even if you work from home. If you prefer to be cool when you sleep, set the temperature a little higher during the day, then bump it down at night so you sleep peacefully. Even a few degrees can earn you significant savings on your energy bill.

7. Clean Out Your Vents

Do you notice that air isn’t flowing through your vents as clearly as you think it should be? Vacuuming your vents can help remove dust and other materials that might prevent your air system from functioning as well as it can. Regularly devoting time to cleaning your vents can keep everything working efficiently.

8. Invest in More Efficient Central Air Units

If you still have the central air system that came with your home when you bought it, now may be the time to upgrade to something more energy efficient — that also works more effectively.

You might even find you had the wrong size of air conditioner for your home.

The Bottom Line

Summer might be the most relaxing time of year, but if you’re sweating inside your home, it makes it harder to enjoy. Tackle these home improvement projects to keep your house a little bit cooler, no matter your budget. And if you decide to sell your home in the future, these projects may help you get a little more value out of your property.

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