HomeZada Launches National Weather Service Weather Alerts with Zada AI Recommendations

Most homeowners get caught off guard by quickly moving severe weather that can significantly damage or destroy their home. In addition, even if they are aware of the upcoming weather event, most do not know what steps to take to prepare their home to minimize damages.

HomeZada has solved all these problems for homeowners in a powerful, yet easy to use way. HomeZada’s platform now checks the National Weather Service (NWS) on a daily basis for severe weather alerts based on each individual property address. If there is a match between your property address and an NWS alert, customers will receive an email notification, a push alert on their mobile device and a news feed warning on the main dashboard.

The alert from HomeZada will include all the details from the NWS about the specific weather event, the timing, and other data.  This applies to every severe weather event including winter storms, freezing temperatures, high winds, blizzards, freezing rain, hail, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, wildfire warnings and more.

But it gets better. Homeowners can click on the alert and HomeZada’s AI Assistant processes the data from the NWS and provides a list of steps to take to prepare the home and minimize damage based on that specific weather event for your property address. Homeowners can further engage the Zada AI Assistant by asking more specific questions about their home and their situation. Watch a short video to see it in action. 

The benefit for all homeowners no matter where you live in the US is that after creating a property with your address, HomeZada monitors severe weather alerts for you and provides you with steps to prepare. Protecting your largest financial asset and avoiding damages saves you money, preserves the value of your home, provides peace of mind, and eliminates the stress and hassle of filing insurance claims.

We want all homeowners to be more weather resilient regarding their home. Being aware and being prepared for severe weather is most important to protecting your home. In addition, having a home inventory of photos and videos also helps in preparation because you want to make sure you are properly insured. And if your home does get damaged, having a home inventory helps with the claim filing process. 

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