Trends in Those that Hire Professional Organizers

Do you feel like your home needs some help because you have crowded areas like drawers and closets? With the new year, are you considering some organizational techniques for your home? Maybe you are considering decluttering or refreshing your space resulting in out with the old and in with the new. It turns out that StorageCafe decided to conduct a study on who is the most likely to use professional organizers to help organize their home.

Here are their findings.

West Coasters Hire First

West coast cities are more likely to hire a professional organizer than most other areas of the country. Cities like San Jose, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA and Denver, CO are four of the top five cities that hire professional organizers. It could be that these cities are large and have many more professional organizers than other areas of the country.

These cities are coincidentally high-tech cities also. High tech employees are generally busy and in a fast-paced industry. These types of individuals want a space that is clean and clear to decompress.

Small Living Spaces

These cities have high housing costs which results in small apartments, condos, or houses. These small spaces need to be carefully managed and organized to decompress while at home. An organized home space allows a homeowner to relax easily. This is important in cities with high stress and fast paced careers. An organized home is helpful for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  

Why Hire a Professional Organizer

Most organizers will help homeowners organize the space, but they also help homeowners set up systems that keep the organization in place. When hiring a home organizer, your spaces can stay organized if you use the systems that have been put in place. Organizers can also get you going if you have been procrastinating during your organization journey. They can also reduce your time to organize by doing it for you.

Additionally, professional organizers do not have emotional attachments to your belongings. They can help pack things that you find difficult to pack. And organizers can help with things in the home as well as files in the home. Maybe your paper situation needs some work and some organizers are focused on purely helping you with your file systems.

Hiring a Professional Organizer

This study conducted by StorageCafe also provides tips on hiring a professional organizer. What to look for in a professional organizer and what their fees generally run. When hiring a professional organizer, it is important for you to define exactly what you would like organized within your home. Clarity is a good way to work with your organizer.

If you are ready to organize your home, determine what you would like organized and determine your strategies. These strategies can be hiring a professional organizer in your local area by contacting NAPO. It can be doing the organizing yourself by setting up a weekly or monthly strategy to conquer a space each time you organize. It could also be to secure an external storage space. Whatever your choice, this can impact your health and can calm the mind.

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