April Fool Pranks to Play at Home

April Fool Pranks April Fools is a time to prank and create some laughter. Its origins are a bit unknown however there were festivals in Rome, India and England where pranks were played on its attendees. So this trickster holiday has been around for centuries. If you are up to it, here are some April Fool pranks to play at home. These home related pranks will either make the people in your life laugh or freak them out. Read More

HomeZada Tip: Adding Home Contacts

How frustrating is it when you know you fixed your toilet with the help of a great plumber, but you cannot remember who that plumber was that helped you? Or you have this amazing handyman and just when you need him, you are searching through drawers for that card you misplaced. Frustration is at an all time high when you cannot remember the great vendors you use and you need them! Or you know your vendors but you cannot remember where their contact information is so that you can schedule your next service. You need the people that help you with your home sometimes in unexpected situations. And you do not have time to dig through drawers or search the internet for Ray’s number because you cannot remember the name of his company.

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Red Cross Month: What Can You Do To Help

red cross 1

For the last 70 years, March has been declared American Red Cross Month which is focused on recognizing the everyday heroes in our community who embody the mission of the Red Cross. Everyday heroes are people like you and me who help out our communities when needed. This is from giving blood, teaching others, making financial contributions and more.  The Red Cross responds to situations and disasters around the world with on average 70,000 disasters each year The Red Cross provides support to those suffering from disaster, as well as, military, veterans and their families. The Red Cross collects and distributes 40% of the United States blood supply. This is an astonishing number.  Read More