The Caffeine Addict’s Guide to Building a Home Coffee Bar

The Caffeine Addict's Guide to Building a Home Coffee Bar
Photo Credit: Crisp Architects

Your alarm goes off in the morning — what’s the first thought that enters your mind? 

If you answered “coffee,” then you might be a caffeine addict. And, because you love a good cup of joe, you need to have a barista-approved spot for brewing your morning mug. You’ll need some design ideas for the perfect home coffee bar, and you’ll want to know the basics for crafting the perfect cup of coffee, too. 

How to Build a Planter Box from Cedar

How to Build a Planter Box from Cedar
Photo by SQUARELY on Unsplash

If a full-fledged garden is out of the question for you, it’s possible to still enjoy tasty fruits and veggies by growing them in containers or a raised bed/planter box.

There are many beautiful planters available on the market, however this project is the perfect choice for someone who loves to DIY.

Build a Soil Sifter Box for Healthy Soil

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have nutrient rich soil, that breaks up easily and has little to no rocks.

Fortunately, there is a tool that any gardener can use to help remove unwanted material from their soil easily. In addition, it’s an easy project to DIY at a very small cost.

7 Wall Mural Tips to Get the Perfect Look

If you feel like your walls are closing in on you…and let’s face it, who doesn’t feel that way from time to time…there’s an easy way to open up your space without breaking out the sledgehammer.

Add a wall mural.

Home Styling Starter Guide for Couples

Home Styling Starter Guide for Couples

Moving in with your partner is always exciting, but usually, there’s some trepidation involved as well. What will your home look like? How will you adapt from having your own space to sharing it? Our 7 tips will help you ease your way into creating a home both of you love.