Using Pendant Lights in Your Home Design

Pendant lights can add a unique design element to a home. Pendant lights are commonly used over kitchen islands, but what about nooks, desks, bathroom sinks, entry ways and dining room areas. Pendant lights can easily be changed and adding them to areas of your home, can change up the design quickly. Adding quirky elements to a room is easy with pendant lights, not to mention your visitors will think you are the best designer in the world for thinking out of the box.  Try these great options for creating pendant lights Read More

How to Create a Personality-Packed Wall with Wall Decor

Guest Blogger:  Kerrie Kelly, ASID
Wall Decor 1

Wall decor is one of the easiest ways to turn a ho-hum space into a statement-making room. A personality-packed wall is a fun way to embrace your own style without needing to invest in the latest trendy furniture. While the gallery wall, which features a curated collection of photos and artwork, is a major trend, we’d like to take a look at a few different ideas that are a bit more out of the ordinary. From Read More

Top 2016 Colors: Combining Metals & Interior Design Colors

Ever wonder what colors can make a difference in what rooms? This infographic came to us with not only color palettes, but the combination of metals and colors. The top 2016 colors are focused on muted colors. Colors like pink and blue, but also gold and green. Even a bold intense red was a popular color of 2016.

What it would look like to combine metals and interior design colors? Metals are a great way to accent a room. By incorporating color with specific metals, your room can really pop with excitement when anyone comes to visit. Some metals actually soften or strengthen a color depending on what metal you use. Each of these colors of 2016 have an effect on your mood and energy level. Learning to match metal and color palettes together will make you the expert on design and Read More

Beach Living

beach livingThe beach brings a peaceful and exuberant pleasure all in one to anyone that visits. The waves in the evening add a tranquility. While the energy of beach goers during the day remind us how exciting summer really is. Some homeowners are fortunate to own a beach home. Read More

Techniques for Designing Your Home with a Rustic Theme

Good-Looking-little-tikes-rocking-horse-in-Porch-Rustic-with-Ceiling-Types-next-to-Log-Cabin-Decorating-alongside-Log-Cabin-andIron-Bed-Winter often gets us in the mood for a cozy environment. One that allows to snuggle and feel like we have a rugged atmosphere to stay warm. Designing your home with this rustic theme that reflects a winter escape or log cabin feel can be accomplished with a few techniques and design elements to incorporate into your home.  Read More