5 Ideas for Repurposing Old Curtains

Replacing your curtains is an easy way to change the look of your home, but what do you do with the curtains you replace?

If they’re in good shape you could simply have them cleaned and then either sell them or donate them to a thrift store.

But have you ever thought of repurposing them instead?

Here are some great upcycling ideas to make good use of your old curtains.:

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How to Mix Antique and Modern Decor in Your Home

How to Mix Antique and Modern Decor in Your Home
Source: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock.com

Whether you live in a modern farmhouse cottage or a boho-chic industrial loft apartment, every homeowner has their own unique tastes in style. But, sometimes, these tastes can run from one extreme to the next. So how exactly does one combine their favorite styles and attempt to combine their diverse collection of furniture and accessories?

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5 Painters Tape Wall Ideas

5 Painter's Tape Wall Ideas

If you’ve ever spent time looking for ways to decorate your home you’ve probably heard of the concept of an accent wall.

While there are many ways to create an accent wall, one of the most common is to use paint.

You can opt for a solid color, or you can create a truly unique wall using one or more paints combined with designs created using painter’s tape.

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The Perfect Duo: Wood and Metal in Interior Design

Industrial chic has become wildly popular in interior design. And while we all wish we could have a comfy loft with plenty of exposed brick to call our own, sometimes we need to settle for redecorating the space we already have and doing our best to give it an industrial feel.