Home Remodel Tip: New Window Blinds

HomeZada Remodel Tip New Window BlindsPrivacy, as well as, a good nights sleep are key uses for adding blinds to the windows in your home. Shading a room or managing the heat possibly getting into that room are some other uses of blinds. Read More

Home Remodel Tip: Game Room Furnishings

HomeZada Game room furnishingsWhat a great way to celebrate family, friends, and teamwork then with a game room. All right inside your home. A separate game room or loft area is a great addition to encourage gatherings and fun. The interior design of this room depends on whether the game room is for small children, teenagers or adults. A game room used a toy room can be a designated play area for smaller children. The room can evolve into a gaming room for kids who want to play online or video games. If your game room is for adults, the room can be designed to support a Read More

Home Remodel Project: New Living Room Floor

Living Room FloorYou can freshen the look of many rooms by replacing old and worn out flooring with a new floor. With living rooms, it is common to choose either carpet or wood flooring. It is a good idea to measure the dimensions of the room to estimate the quantity of material required to replace the floors. It is also good to understand how many flooring transitions there are or will be with adjacent rooms. Read More

Home Remodeling Tip: Kitchen Appliance Upgrade

Home Remodeling Tip: Kitchen Appliance Upgrade

A full kitchen remodel is expensive and many people may not have the budget to complete a full overhaul of a kitchen. However, replacing your kitchen appliance can be the new and fresh look you need to jump start your kitchen investment. Read More