7 Ikea Furniture Hacks You’re Going to Love

Photo Courtesy: Popsugar

You dream of a beautiful home with luxurious furniture. The only problem is, your budget doesn’t fit that dream.

But did you know that with just a few adjustments, you can turn ordinary furniture – such as that found at IKEA – and make it extraordinary?

If you have ever shopped at IKEA you were probably struck by their beautiful, and even better, affordable home decor items.

And while their furniture is perfectly fine to use as it comes out of the box, you can get the look you want by making just a few modifications to make each piece uniquely yours.

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5 Painters Tape Wall Ideas

5 Painter's Tape Wall Ideas

If you’ve ever spent time looking for ways to decorate your home you’ve probably heard of the concept of an accent wall.

While there are many ways to create an accent wall, one of the most common is to use paint.

You can opt for a solid color, or you can create a truly unique wall using one or more paints combined with designs created using painter’s tape.

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Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Renovating Ideas

Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Renovating Ideas
Photo courtesy: Uptodate Interiors

Comparatively speaking new kitchen cabinetry can be very expensive.

That’s why redoing your existing kitchen cabinets is such an attractive alternative…it can cost anywhere from 30% to 50% less than buying and installing new cabinets of comparable quality.

There are different options to change the look of your existing cabinetry, with a wide-ranging scope of complexity. These include:

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Affordable Home Improvements That Make an Impact

Affordable Home Improvements That Make an Impact

If you’re putting off remodeling because of practical concerns, congratulations—you are a responsible, shrewd homeowner. Without enough funds, scheduling, or experience, a big project is doomed to fail. But with a more strategic approach, you can prioritize affordable home improvements that make an impact, for a complete renovation you can take one step at a time.

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10 Ways to Impact Your Home’s Value

10 Ways to Impact Your Home's Value
Image source: Houzz

Renovating your home is not only time intensive, but it can really break the budget if you’re not careful.

One thing to remember when deciding to renovate your home is to think about how long you plan to live there. The chances of you recovering your renovation costs are better the longer you stay.

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