HomeZada is Open for Business


It all started with air filters! Years ago, we built a house and after living in it for almost a year, the fabulous new carpet started turning black along the edges and under the doors. Beth looked at John, and asked, “Did you change the air filters?”  John looked at Beth and said, “I thought you were changing the air filters.”  Needless to say, the air filters were clogged and black. The spark for HomeZada was born.

Why isn’t there a software system to remind homeowners of everything they need to do to maintain their home?  Why is our closet full of owner’s manuals and it takes us an hour to find the one we need?  What is the warranty expiration date on that piece of equipment?  Did we even fill out the warranty card? Our insurance agent tells us we need a home inventory and that sounds challenging. But what if we don’t have a home inventory, what then?

Everything important in our lives today is managed online and with mobile apps, including your money, career, family and friends, travel, shopping, and entertainment. Why not your home!!!  The combination of the cloud and mobile devices makes managing your home online easy and fun.  The vision to manage your home online and in apps is not here. HomeZada is ready to get designed and built. With the vision in place, now HomeZada needs some technology brains to move to the next phase.

Beth and John worked with David before at a previous software company and thought he might be interested in joining the team. David heard the pitch, and said sure, I am in. Along came all these great new technologies like Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Amazon S3, mobile application frameworks, etc. to give us the framework to create HomeZada.

A lot of work has gone into launching HomeZada.  We would like a quick shout out of thanks to others who helped us along the way including Intridea, PAIR design, NetPilot Web Solutions, Kicker Inc., One Social Media, Wells Fargo, DLA Piper and our talented and trusty developer, Martin Bayly.

Our vision is to make it easy and fun to manage everything about your home in one online and secure place. To understand what you own, when to take care of it and how to manage the financial aspects of home management. Basically to empower the homeowner to make the best decisions about running the home they love. Check out HomeZada and let us know what you like and what you don’t info@homezada.com . Our journey is just beginning.  Come with us and enjoy the ride!!!

Beth, David and John


2 Responses to “HomeZada is Open for Business”

  1. Congrats guys – best of luck in this venture, I wish you as much success in this (and more) as you did before hand! Great idea – I can only remember whether I’ve changed the filters by marking them with a permanent marker. . .

  2. This is so exciting, congratulations! Great people, great idea – wishing you great success!