Learn How Cleaning Can Help Your Waistline

With all the lovely food and drink available to us, staying healthy is sometimes challenging. However, did you know cleaning your home can help burn between 144 – 170 calories per hour. Cleaning your home should not replace exercising and eating healthy, but vacuuming and dusting your home can actually help your waistline.

Stay Away From the Frig

Cleaning can also help you stay away from the refrigerator. Often, when people get bored, they turn to food rather than another activity. Avoid the boredom munchies by picking up your broom or washing some windows. Even organizing a closet or garage will help you burn calories and keep you away from the refrigerator or pantry.

Move, Move, Move

Spend a little extra time over the weekend straightening up, washing your car or even mopping your floors. And watch as you burn away the lovely glass of wine or piece of chocolate that you could not live without. To track your calorie burn, take at look at this calorie calculator from Self Magazine.

Up and Down Stairs

Performing normal household chores also gets a few people motivated to keep moving. How many times in one day can you say you went up and down your stairs? Simply going from one room to another and up and down stairs gets your legs in great shape.

Getting your home in order helps more than just your sanity, it helps keep your waistline trim.

cleaning can help your waistline