Three Tips for Home Project Management and Organization

Home Project Management

January is Getting Organized month and the time of year where people are setting resolutions and goals for the year. It is also a great time to start getting the process for home projects organized. Do you have home remodeling projects, home decor or fix it projects that you need to get done in 2014?  Then it is a great time to start getting organized around these projects. Home project management and organization can be completed with these three simple tasks.

Fix It Projects

Fix it projects generally require parts or pieces to an existing piece of equipment or area of your house that may not be functioning properly or an area that needs a refresh.  Maybe you have to replace your garage door rollers and springs.  Or you need to replace a broken garbage disposal. Refreshing an area in your home may also fall under this a category of project. For instance, maybe you want to repaint a room or repaint the outside of your home and all you want to do is find the same paint color and update the freshness of the walls.

These projects are ones you might be able to do yourself or you need a contractor to assist. If you need assistance, look for contractors or maintenance professionals that can help you finish these tasks. If you are going to conduct these projects yourself, set aside the time to complete the task and remember to review your calendars. Calendars will help when prioritizing time. So that nothing else could hamper the time you need to get this project done. And by all means establish a budget and track the final expenses on that project. This will help you understand how these simple fix it projects have an impact in your overall budget.

Home Decor Projects

You might have a new home that you want to personalize for your taste and style. Or you have been in your home for a number of years and it might be time to get a simple update to a room or a series of rooms. From buying some new furniture to replacing linens in a room. Whether it is a simple update like adding fresh linens and new pillows to a room. Or maybe even changing out your lamps in a room. It will be important to documenting this for future reference can help you understand what your average spend is on a update project. And also help you remember where you purchased your items in case you want to make some similar purchases in the future.

Some homeowners want to leverage an interior designer for a project to help them. Using an interior designer can help with these types of projects if you have limited time to do research or you feel you need a professional view to lay out your needs.   Establishing a budget with your designer to also include their fees is good practice when conducting these projects. Because A simple piece of artwork could extend past your budget if you are not careful.

Home Remodeling Projects

These are generally the big ones. Adding a room, updating a kitchen or bathroom, adding a pool in your backyard and so on. Understanding what you need for each project prior to getting started can help you understand all the details involved in the project. Starting early in getting these types of projects organized also gives you time to start shopping around for styles and items you need for these projects. You can then compare your selections and the prices of each individual item to the overall budget you established for the remodeling project. If you are managing multiple remodeling projects over a short period of time, it could be best to start researching for all your projects and documenting what you need for each project.

Additionally, you may need professionals to help with these projects. And you will need some time to interview which ones are best suited for your specific project needs. These projects generally have very strict budgets because they are large. And getting in front of the items you need prior to getting started on the project could help with long term planning. However, keep in mind, in the world projects there might be a few unexpected situations that arise. With proper documentation, you can review how to adjust your project needs and budgets for these unexpected situations.

HomeZada can help you identify what you need for a specific project. And you can start establishing budgets and uploading selections. This will start the process of organizing your projects for the year. Additionally, HomeZada can help you establish and manage your budget through the entire project process. Being prepared and getting organized around your home projects can help with home management. It can also support overall time and financial management.