Maintenance Tip: Check exterior railings on balconies and decks

check exterior railings on balconies and decks

With everyone spending more time outside with summer, it is time to check your exterior railings and balconies and decks. Decks and railing must have the necessary safety features for your family and guests so that no one gets hurt. It is important to inspect the posts and railings to make sure they are still secure. Read More

6 Considerations When Buying a New Home

Home Sold

There some obvious things to consider when buying a house like price, size and room quantities to support your family.  However, some other considerations come to mind that may not always be top of mind when considering a new home.  Read More

Home Remodel Tip: HVAC Upgrade

Home Remodel Tip: HVAC Upgrade

The various components of your HVAC (heating, ventitlation, and air conditioning) system wear out over time. Expecting to update your HVAC equipment with an HVAC upgrade is something that will happen at least once in your lifetime. Your HVAC system may experience natural wear, but you also may find yourself in a position that you would like an HVAC upgrade to incorporate more energy efficient units in your home. There have been a lot of advances in the area of energy efficient HVAC equipment that is more energy efficient and taking on new technology to manage the equipment. It is important to pay attention to your HVAC units because these systems draw a lot of electricity and gas to heat and cool Read More

Outdoor Pathways


Pathways are areas that help create a functional method of getting from different locations of your yard or around your home.  Pathways create a sense of direction for guests arriving at your home.  They also provide access to areas that might be harder to reach without pathways.

Getting to your front door requires some sort of walkway.  Whether you have steps or driveway accessibility, a pathway creates an inviting situation encouraging guests to visit.  Pathways are also great for delivery folks giving them an easy way to get to your front door to deliver whatever gift or package has arrived.  Read More

Home Design Style Guide Infographic

If you are embarking on an interior design project for your home, this handy new infographic from HomeZada and ExclusiveMod can serve as your style guide. The infographic features modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial/urban, and classic interior design schemes with fun yet easy-to-digest visual and textual descriptions of each style. Learn more about which works best for your home with this helpful infographic today.  Read More