50 Shades of Grey for the Home

Shades of Grey Home+Remodeling+Rhode+Island+Maloney+InteriorsThe books have taken the world by storm and now with the movie being released this weekend, it is time to showcase the many shades of grey for your home.

Grey oftentimes is considered a drab color to add to home yet in recent years, richer shades of grey have been popping up showing us that grey really is making rooms stand out. Grey or gray is a color that evokes neutrality and has a calming presence in someone’s life.  It is free of chaos and represents a level of balance and stability.  If you have a high pressure or stressful career, you might want to consider using grey in your home decorating to create a calming presence.  Grey can help you decompress and relax while in your home.

Grey as an Accent

If you feel grey is still a little top monotone for you, try richer, darker shades of grey to create a bit more energy.  Additionally, use grey as accent pieces to tone down a vibrant room.  Your favorite color might be purple or yellow which are bright and vibrant colors where grey can help to create a level of balance to your home or room.  From sofa pillows to artwork or draperies that bring out the grey shades, your room could have a contrast in color that can make your favorite color take center stage.

Maybe you have a very neutral color room and you need shades of grey to allow your room to standout, yet still keeping your room neutral.  Try using a grey chair or a grey colored table to add a bit of rich yet neutral color to the room.

Grey as the Focal Point

Using grey as the focal point for the room can help add a very rich texture to the room while using colored accent pieces that can help your room make a spectacular first impression.  Using grey on a large piece of furniture will welcome your guests in a calming manner into your home.  Using grey for bedding or paint colors or even draperies in a bedroom will put you in a state of calm to help you get the sleep you need when you need it.

Using grey in a kitchen for cabinets has been popular recently and brings a subtle effect to your cooking space.  Kitchens filled with grey can kick off your day in a relaxed and organized approach and give you a smooth transition to the end of your day.  Using grey as a focal point in your kitchen also gives you the ability to add colorful accent pieces and to make those accent pieces change depending on your mood or the season, providing you with lots of decorating flexibility.

Multiple Shades of Grey

Maybe you are the person who adores the color grey and want to leverage as many shades of grey as you can to give your room a texture using this neutral color.  Shades of grey can have hints of yellows, greens or blues depending on what the color formula is in the paint or decor you choose for your home. The paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore shows us some of the shades of gray they offer and with clarity you can see all the different hues of gray.

Adding multiple shades of grey to a room takes the sense of ease and relaxation to the highest level. Using multiple shades of grey in a living room or sitting area or even in a bedroom are ideal spaces to creating a calming environment.

Need some inspiration on the color grey, see what we found to share with you.  Let us know what you think of these shades of grey.