How to Make This The Best Father’s Day Ever

Places to go

The family wants to go out for the day, the following places and activities are sure to be a hit:

  • ⬥ Go-kart speedway
  • ⬥ Paintball or laser tag
  • ⬥ Amusement park
  • ⬥ Golf course
  • ⬥ Civil or Revolutionary War reenactments
  • ⬥ Renaissance festival
  • ⬥ Ball games or race track
  • ⬥ Camping
  • ⬥ Car show
  • ⬥ Music concert
  • ⬥ Museum
  • ⬥ Day (or long weekend) trip
  • ⬥ Volunteer at the local animal shelter, community center, etc.

Things to do

No Stress Sunday

Give your dad a break on Father’s day and eliminate the pressure of everything…even the pressure of having a “perfect” Father’s Day.

No deadlines, chores, hassles…nothing. Let him relax however he’d like to…even if it’s nothing but sitting on the couch all day, watching his favorite team or playing his favorite games.

Family time

Whether you stay at home or not, make this special day about doing things together.  Choose simple, relaxing things such as:

  • ⬥ Going for a walk together
  • ⬥ Having a picnic
  • ⬥ Lying in a hammock together
  • ⬥ Sharing stories and dreams together
  • ⬥ Playing board games and simple card games everyone can enjoy
  • ⬥ Enjoying yard games like badminton, croquet or hide and seek
  • ⬥ Looking through family picture albums

Focus on Dad

Let Dad choose what he wants to do, even if he just wants to spend a few hours to himself relaxing. It’s his day, so let him celebrate it however he wants. He deserves it.

And while you’re at it…tell him how much you love and appreciate what he does. Even more, show him how you feel by writing it down. Have the kids each share something they love about their dad and put it all together in a letter or even a little book or video that he’ll love.

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