6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Costly Home Repairs

As soon as you notice anything wrong with your house, you should investigate it immediately and seek professional help if you can’t properly fix it yourself. It is also important to get a professional inspection of your house at least every year. If any problems are detected, plan to get it fixed as soon as possible. If the problems are caught early enough, major repairs and remodels can be prevented. Here are six areas to really focus on maintaining to save yourself from costly home repairs.

Furnace/Air Conditioning

It is important that your heating and cooling systems are properly maintained. If you aren’t receiving the heating or cooling you normally do, if you detect a leak in the unit, or if you hear unusual noises coming from the unit, seek professional help. Do not try to repair it yourself. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold during the winter or sweating in the summer. You must also keep your air filters clean (switch them out four times a year). It also is wise to get regular, professional maintenance annually.

Smoke Detectors

You must routinely replace and regulate your smoke detectors at least every ten years and keep batteries on hand at all times. Not only is it annoying to hear the beep when the battery is dying, but it is also a safety hazard. You may also prevent costly fire damage if your smoke detectors work. The sooner the fire is detected, the more quickly it may be put out.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is necessary for your safety and for preventing costly damage. A serious storm, hurricane, or tornado may knock over your tree or its branches and damage your home. This can be prevented by regularly trimming the branches. You must take care of home repairs before they become a problem.

Prevent Water Damage

Water can contribute to rot, mold, and rust. Flooding is also highly damaging. As soon as you detect a leak, must, or discoloration due to mold or mildew, repair it immediately. You must have inspections conducted annually, fix leaks immediately, and keep your gutters clean to ensure that you avoid water damage.


Rooves are much easier and less costly to partially repair, as opposed to fully replacing. If you have a leak or missing shingles, repair it immediately. You should also have professionals inspect your roof regularly.


Electrical issues can be very costly – and dangerous. You should not perform any repairs yourself and must maintain it properly to keep you safe and your house free of fires. You should have a professional inspect your electrical system every year, and whenever your lights flicker, appliances shock you, and circuit breakers begin to trip.

You can keep your home in great shape with the above six tips – and you can skip the costly home repairs while you’re at it!

About Author: Amanda Turner is a freelance writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing.