The Reasons White Kitchen Cabinets Will Always Be Popular

Airy and Spacious

White cabinets offer an airy and spacious environment that is because our eyes perceive things differently according to color. Our eyes perceive dark colors as tight or closed spaces while bright colors as open and spacious surroundings. White cabinets make a small compact kitchen feel bigger. Also if your kitchen does not have natural light or windows, white cabinets make the area look spacious and brighter.

If your kitchen is small in size, white kitchen cabinets can provide you the illusion of more square footage. By purchasing white kitchen cabinets, you can save a huge amount of money by making a small kitchen look bigger instead of expanding your kitchen by re-designing or remodeling it.

Fresh and Clean

White cabinets look more clean and fresh than dark cabinets but in reality, they are not. White color is just better in hiding dust than other colors. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness and good sanitation conditions in the kitchen where it is difficult to hide stains, dirt, etc. Here white kitchen cabinets play their role. White kitchen cabinets need less frequent cleaning than any other color, they just need to be cleaned occasionally.

Easy to Decorate

White cabinets are known as “chameleons” of the kitchen design world. For a good looking kitchen, proper colors, patterns and design are to be chosen carefully which could be a hectic job and take a lot of time. The good thing about white color is that it matches with everything and synchronize with boundless accent colors and patterns.

You can even match it with any countertop surface or with any choice of flooring and will remain to do so throughout the life of your kitchen. So selecting the white color for cabinets can take the burden off from people who want to design or remodel their kitchen as humble as possible. Many people are afraid that white cabinets may come off as too much plain or tasteless but in reality, white color gives a welcoming and warm feel. White cabinets are exceptionally adjustable to various styles and designs.


White cabinets are timeless. The best thing about white kitchen cabinets is that they never go out of style like a black dress. White cabinets remained the most popular trend for decades, even centuries. White cabinets are significant because they are required to be remodeled just once or maximum twice in a house’s lifetime.

Also, it is easy to sell white cabinets and they also get sell at good prices due to their long lasting ability. If you follow every trend, it might become difficult for you to do a lot of remodeling and it will also cost a lot of money.

So instead of spending money on the refurbishment of your cabinets, you could just choose to buy white cabinets that will both save your precious money and time. Since white kitchen cabinets can tolerate any trend without outdating your house. You can save a lot of your energy and resources over the years by just buying white kitchen cabinets.

Resale value

You might not want to sell your house or maybe after many years but the resale value should be in mind. White kitchen cabinets are considered to be the most common desire of buyers because it will be easy for them to just put their kitchenware and other kitchen items instead of remodeling the kitchen to match their furniture. This is because white is like a universal color which matches with almost everything.

Most buyers prefer white kitchen cabinets because is like a blank image for them. If they do not like the look of kitchen cabinets, they could change the color any time they want because it is easier to paint any color on the white surface.

About Author: Kate Oldman uses her skills and knowledge to help homeowners and contractors with their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Her interests cover areas of project planning, color selection, interior design and building supplies. She enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, jogging, and playing with her pets.