Practical Emergency Preparedness Tips for General Home Safety

Thus, the US government generally counsels all homeowners to make sure they take sensible safety precautions at home.

Such precautionary measures include making healthy choices on day-to-day activities, taking care of loved ones, protecting their investments and endeavouring to make responsible decisions at all times.

Consider using the following sensible tips for emergency preparedness and overall safety at your home:

  • – Secure all the large appliances at home using some metal strapping or cabling.
  • – Reinforce your home garage door by adding a little weight. In case the door is not in good repair, you should replace it.
  • – Secure the Siding. You can do these using fasteners or other materials. You may check out FEMA’s overall recommendations about this.
  • – Arrange your home in a way that the heavy objects are placed close to the floor.
  • – Store hazardous chemicals in a well-secured area. Ensure to keep this away from your food and water supplies.
  • – Use secure covers to protect your doors and windows.
  • – Repair any loose or damaged roofing.
  • – Maintain the Exterior Insulation Finishing System walls.
  • – Remove or trim dangerous trees or landscaping that can cause damage in high winds.
  • – Have a definite evacuation plan to protect your pets. You should identify a safe place for pets as well.

Use the HomeZada App: Minimize Energy Bills & Expensive Repair Costs

The HomeZada app is the most fantastic and useful app for the automated home maintenance schedule.

This app is quite useful for helping owners to do a variety of useful things. Indeed, this app helps many homeowners to stay in control of the various small fix-it tasks at home.

First, the HomeZada app can help you to avoid the early replacement costs for various items at home. It enables you to improve the value of your home in a significant way. 

Moreover, using the HomeZada app, you will always stay in control of the home maintenance tasks. This ultimately keeps your home safe and healthy. The app is useful for saving on general utility bills and keeping on top of things using its task list as well as the functional calendar.

Further, the HomeZada app will help you to create an effective preventive maintenance plan by setting up the recurring tasks on your behalf. The app’s newsfeed and email reminders swiftly inform you when the tasks are due.

This is how the app keeps your home functioning efficiently, thus saving you money on energy bills. Further, it helps you keep the materials and equipment in perfect condition. Ultimately, the HomeZada app is excellent for helping you to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

You can always use the HomeZada’s unique task feature to track all the small fix-it jobs around your home effectively. Using this app, you can easily keep track of important factors like the overall maintenance costs, contractors who are charged with performing the work, warranty issues, before and after photos, receipts and documents and completion dates for the job.

Eventually, all these will help you keep a perfect maintenance record of your home matters.

Use a Portable Generator Transfer Switch

Make sure your house is equipped with another essential device: A transfer switch for the generator. A transfer switch is a useful device since it conveniently helps you connect a portable generator to your house, especially during power outages.

It is certainly advisable to use a portable generator during emergencies. A portable generator works perfectly as a home backup power supply at such times. This is a wise precaution to take since it saves you lots of headaches every time a power outage hits your area.

A transfer switch also allows you to connect your portable generator to a household circuit breaker. With a transfer switch, you can permanently power all the critical appliances that are usually connected to the house grid. These include the freezer, the refrigerator, air conditioning units, and the lighting circuits.

Final Thoughts:

Despite all the precautions and regardless of the time period, many people all over the world still fall victim to the devastating damage caused by natural disasters.

These can range from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding to wind damage.

Thus, we all need to know precisely how to keep our homes safe, keeping the possibility of an unexpected natural disaster ever fresh in mind.

Take the sensible precautions outlined in this post to keep yourself and your family safe in case an unexpected misfortune visits.

This is, undoubtedly, a timeless cause of wisdom.

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