How To Improve Water Quality in Your Home


Inspect your home’s plumbing, and replace older pipes that may contain lead or lead solder. Replace galvanized pipes with copper, and make sure your plumbing fixtures are lead-free, meaning they contain 0.25 percent lead or less.

Flushing pipes by running the water for a few minutes before you drink it or bathe in it can get rid of  contaminants that can build up when water sits still within the pipes. Frequently using your household appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machines, showers, and toilets, also keeps water moving through your pipes.


There are several different types of home water filtration products. These tend to fall into the categories of point-of-entry systems and whole-house systems. Point-of-entry filters purify water as it enters your refrigerator or sink. Some attach directly to home faucets. Whole-house filters clean water at the point where it enters your home, providing filtered water to every water pipe in your house. Professional plumbers must install these.

Water filters use activated charcoal to capture contaminants or reverse osmosis to filter out microscopic pathogens. Many systems combine both types of filtration for the cleanest water. They can be very expensive, but many pay off over time in reduced costs for bottled water or appliance repair.

Little Fixes

Always use cold water for drinking, brushing your teeth, and cooking. Hot water can harbor bacteria and dissolve or leach metals into your water. Clean your faucet aerators regularly, and don’t let water sit in pitchers or water bottles. Clean water containers each time before you use them.

Recognize the Signs of Contaminated Water

Homeowners concerned about the quality of their household water should look for common common signs of water contamination.If you suspect your water may be contaminated, contact your local water utility and have your water tested. Knowing what you’re dealing with will help you select the best way to improve water quality in your home.

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