5 Easy Backyard STEM Activities Your Kids Will Love

Keep your kids busy outside this summer with STEM activities! STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – is extremely important for young children to take part in today.

STEM is the future, and our kids will be ready with these super cool outdoor STEM activities!

We need critical thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. We need kids who understand science, who can adapt to the latest technology, and who can engineer new solutions to solve problems of all sizes. 

STEM inspires innovators and leaders. Plus, STEM surrounds us daily, and hands-on STEM is the best way to get kids involved and passionate about it!

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of STEM for kids, let’s take a look at some clever ways to incorporate STEM activities this summer!

1. Nature Sculpture (Engineering) – Share It Science

In these engineering challenges, kids will construct a sculpture solely from natural materials, just as professional engineers do when they construct. 

Their first step is to define the challenge, identify the materials or requirements, brainstorm a solution, build the prototype, and test it to determine whether it solves the problem. They will then revamp the sculpture as needed.

2. DIY Bottle Rockets – STEAM Powered Family

What is it about the big epic reactions that makes all kids fall in love with science? 

A launch pad can be constructed in several ways, but the key engineering components that need to be addressed are its stability and size. It needs to be the right size to support the rocket (an upside-down 2 litre pop bottle) without slipping through.

3. Easy to Make Anemometer – Capri + 3

5 Easy Backyard STEM Activities Your Kids Will Love
Source: Capri + 3

Using cupcake liners, tape, a pencil and straws – not to mention “wind” power (from nature or your kids), you can create an anemometer in less than an hour that will keep the kids entertained and help them understand the principles of wind direction and velocity.

4. Explore and Learn – Biodegradable vs Non-Biodegradable – Mother Natured

A simple walk can help your child learn about biodegradable & non-biodegradable materials.

Line up similar materials in different degree of decomposition (e.g. leaves freshly fallen, compared to ones in a more decomposed state. 

5. Moving Water  – Blue Bear Wood

Finally, “water movement” is a fun home STEM experiment that shows how water moves in opposition to gravity. It’s known as Capillary Action.

The concept of capillary action is difficult to explain to young children, but do not let that stop you from talking about it or using the term. Your explanation doesn’t have to be exactly right; it can be a high-level explanation. What matters most is that they get to see something fun and interesting that sparks their imagination.

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