Home Fragrance for a Clean Scent in Your Home’s Air

home fragranceWhen temperatures are hitting in the triple digits, it is oftentimes difficult to allow fresh air in your home. Home fragrance is not nearly as important as comfort of the home temperature. Windows are closed, air conditioning units are on full blast to cool your home. And fans are blowing and everyone is cooped up inside. When summer is here, the outside air can actually offer a luxurious scent of summer with the likes of honeysuckle, rose, fresh summertime rain, herbs, and so many other lovely fragrances that bloom in summer. Read More

Summer means Swimming and a Time for Pool Care

Summer means SwimmingWe are in the middle of July, which means summer is here and summer means swimming. If you have a pool, your pool is probably in peak usage. Especially if you have kids or throw a lot of summer parties. When your pool gets more usage in the middle of summer, there are a few key things you should do to keep the pool’s water in peak shape. Read More