What Is Slow Decorating?

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Buying a new home is exciting, especially when it comes to making your mark on it by choosing furniture, paint colors, and other design elements that you want to incorporate. Although it may be tempting to transform your home the second you have the keys in hand, many experts recommend doing the opposite.

The result is slow decorating, the practice of taking your time to mindfully decorate a space and carefully curating the pieces that will go in your home.

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5 Room Decorating Basics

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Whether you’re a new homeowner trying to make your place feel like home or a long-time owner staging your house to sell, knowing where and how to begin decorating can feel daunting. While there aren’t any hard and fast rules that you have to follow with home decor, there are basic guidelines you can follow to make your home comfortable — and even increase its value.

Wherever you are in your homeownership journey, here are five room decorating basics to get you started.

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5 Ideas for Functional Kitchen Decor

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place for quick breakfasts and lunch assembly before you head out of the door — and a space to linger over dinners with family or friends.

For such an important part of your home, you’ll want it to reflect your style while also being practical. That’s why it’s important to select furniture and decorative elements that not only make a statement, but serve a purpose.

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How to DIY a Wall Mural

How to DIY a Wall Mural
Photo by Alexander Zvir

Have you considered creating a wall mural for a room in your house or your kids’ bedroom(s)? While you can buy stick-on murals, why not try your hand at creating one by hand?

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How to Maintain Your Home’s Mirrors

We all know how mirrors get dirty quickly. If it isn’t dirt and dust, it’s fingerprints, water droplets, or smudges. This blog post can help you maintain your mirrors. We’ll discuss the best ways to clean, shine and protect your mirrors.

Types of Mirrors in your Home

Mirrors come in many different styles and shapes. Common types include framed mirrors, vanity mirrors, lighted bathroom mirrors, and frameless/plated glass mirrors. Knowing the kind of mirror you have will determine how best to maintain it.

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