How Lighting Effects Your Home’s Energy Consumption

LEDs, compact fluorescent, halogen, incandescent bulbs… Who knew that light bulbs could be so complicated? The truth is, they really are a lot more complicated than most people would assume. But light bulbs can help in managing your home’s energy consumption. The infographic below details some of the different bulbs and their affect on your home.

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A Few Tips to Help Keep Your Tools Organized

Keep Your Tools OrganizedWhy does it always seem like the moment you actually need one of the 50,000 tools in your tool set, it’s nowhere to be found? We don’t know the answer either, but we do have a solution that will help you minimize the amount of times it happens to you. Instead of hiding all of your tools in the garage or basement, create a kit of the essentials and keep in a drawer in the kitchen or laundry room. Here are a few tips to help you keep your tools organized.

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Why Don’t You Have a Home Inventory?

Most home owners recognize they should have a home inventory and they know that their insurance company or agent strongly recommends it.  So why is it that most people don’t have one?

home inventoryOur answer is time and effort.  The thought of taking a home inventory sounds like a lot of work, and it used to be considering that people would have to start from scratch with some sort of spreadsheet that required a lot of manual data entry.  Who wants to do that much data entry?  No one, thus oh well, the home inventory never gets done.

HomeZada has changed all this.  The time Read More

The HomeZada Mobile for iPhone is Now Available

HomeZada Mobile for iPhone
HomeZada Mobile for the iPhone allows you to take pictures of your home and possessions and seamlessly save it with HomeZada’s web application

The process of creating a home inventory just got a lot quicker and easier, as HomeZada launched its HomeZada mobile for iPhone and the iPad. HomeZada Mobile for the iPhone allows you to take pictures of your home and possessions and seamlessly save it with HomeZada’s web application. Read More

If a Natural Disaster were to Strike Today, Would you be Prepared?

The saying “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.” should hold especially true when it comes to a natural disaster. If you do live in a place where a natural disaster strikes more often than you would like, you probably have an emergency plan in place. The problem? That emergency plan most likely only focuses on your safety and how to survive. What a lot of people fail to take into consideration is what it’s like to try to start over again when they lose their entire house and everything in it. For example, could you list out all of the items in your home and how much they are worth off the top Read More