10 Signs its Time to Refinance

Perhaps you’ve thought about refinancing your mortgage, but you’re unsure whether or not it’s the right move. Maybe you’re asking yourself if it’s the right time, and wondering if rates will stay low, go lower or even begin to rise.

Truth is, sometimes it’s hard to know when to take the plunge.

Whether you bought a home recently or many years ago, you probably noticed that mortgage rates stayed near historic lows in early 2021.

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This Could Be the Next Big Thing in Lighting

This Could Be the Next Big Thing in Lighting
Image courtesy: Draw Paint Academy

A home’s lighting system can make a big difference in its overall design, ambiance, and feel.

For example, the right color temperature and brightness for the lighting in your home can accent architectural details as well as impact your mood and wellbeing.

Smart lighting, empowered by ever-evolving LED light technology, can have a positive effect on our lives. And one such benefit is a new approach to lighting design that’s known as “Human-Centric” Lighting (HCL). 

Put simply, Human-Centric Lighting gives people a deeper connection with the outdoors by simulating daylight and dusk inside our homes.

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11 Easy DIY Yard Art Ideas

You won’t go wrong with these DIY garden art ideas if you’re looking for creative decor for your garden. You can repurpose thrift store items, rocks, and more into crafty decorations for the backyard, outdoor beds, and gardens. 

These unique garden art ideas will not only brighten up your garden, they’ll let you add color and charm to your yard without breaking the bank.

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HomeZada Launches Document Scanning Features

Keeping track of all your tasks, projects, expenses and inventory for your home usually involves a lot of paper records such as receipts and invoices which tend to get lost or thrown out. HomeZada now makes it very easy to use your phone to scan and save those important records about your home. Here are the simple ways these new document scanning features work.

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Common Home Repairs to Leave for the Professionals

Common Home Repairs To Leave for the Professionals

Homeowning is fun. You have your own personal space to be your true authentic self. More so, it allows you to expand, alter, and customize that space to your personal tastes and preferences. While homeowning can be glamorous, it can also be dangerous, especially when it comes to proper maintenance. Rather than feel you need to tackle every project on your own, consider these common home repairs to leave for the professionals. You’ll save time, money, and personal safety in the long run.

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