10 Home Game Room Ideas You’ll Love

10 Home Game Room Ideas You'll Love
Photo courtesy: Unsplash

Want your home to be the neighborhood teenage hangout (so you can keep tabs on yours)?

Or maybe you’d love a quick game of darts after a hard day…whatever the reason, home game rooms are fun…and you could even say practical because they provide a great way to relax!

Check out these 10 game room designs. Let them inspire you to create your own fun space!

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10 Ways to Impact Your Home’s Value

10 Ways to Impact Your Home's Value
Image source: Houzz

Renovating your home is not only time intensive, but it can really break the budget if you’re not careful.

One thing to remember when deciding to renovate your home is to think about how long you plan to live there. The chances of you recovering your renovation costs are better the longer you stay.

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5 Home Features to Check After a Heavy Storm

5 Home Features to Check After a Heavy Storm

Every year, the United States experiences approximately 100,000 thunderstorms, and 10,000 are labeled as severe. Heavy storms are a part of life, and the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to be prepared. Follow a simple checklist of items to examine after extreme weather occurs in your area. This will allow you to quickly discover damage, file insurance claims and solve problems before they become more complicated or expensive.

Keep reading to learn about the five home features you should check once the sky clears.

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve The Air Quality of Your Home

While we may have no control over the air quality outside of our homes inside it’s a different story.

You might be surprised to know that the air inside our homes and other buildings we may frequent can be more polluted than the air outside.

Materials such as off-gassing from carpet cleaners, fire retardants, formaldehyde and even lead and house dust can have an impact on the air we breathe while we’re sleeping or just moving about our homes.

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