7 Surprising Places to Hide Your Valuables from Thieves

A bank safe deposit box is a great option for storing your valuables, however it’s not the most convenient choice if you want access to your possessions outside of business hours.

The obvious alternative then, is to keep your items in a safe at home.

But unless you’ve got the same security system as your bank, you’re potentially leaving your valuables at risk if you store them in a place where thieves might search.

After breaking into your home, experienced thieves will routinely look in places with the most potential of finding valuables that are easy to carry and offload for cash.

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Top Upgrades To Make To Your Cottage

Top Upgrades To Make To Your Cottage

Whether you’re looking to enhance your cabin to ensure a great sale or want to increase comfort in your home away from home, updates are necessary! Ensuring your cottage is beautiful inside and out is as important as making sure it’s functional to everyone inside. Start discovering the top upgrades to make to your cottage and implement changes for an ideal vacation space!

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7 Great Wedding Gifts for New Homeowners

Weddings are the perfect justification for splashing out and showing your family how much you care. Especially if the newlyweds have just bought a new home!

Think about it: it’s not every day that someone you know and love takes the double-leap of getting hitched and signing a mortgage at the same time.

If a really thoughtful wedding present is out of your budget, which is likely for many people, why not get a bunch of friends and family together, pool your cash, and surprise the couple with something really awesome?

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Ideas to Turn Your Bedroom into a Smart Bedroom

The concept of smart living has changed tremendously during the past decade.

If you think back to it, you’ll find that much of what we can do today wasn’t even imaginable about 10 or 15 years ago. And for most people, the idea of living in a smart home still brings on associations of Disney Channel movies of the late 1990s.

But, things have evolved. Today, anyone can afford to invest in home tech and reap its multiple benefits. And while most people’s focus tends to be on savings and security, it turns out that there are many benefits to having a smart bedroom as well.

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