How to Keep Pests Out of Your Hummingbird Feeders

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Hummingbird Feeders
Image source: Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Few things are as frustrating as putting out a hummingbird feeder only to see it overrun with pesky ants, bees and other pests. Not only does it keep the hummingbirds and other nectar seeking birds away it attracts more pests as well.

What to Look for in an Air Purifier

You don’t have to suffer from allergies to benefit from an air purifier. Everyone can benefit from having healthy air to breathe.


Because often, indoor air quality is worse than that of outside air. In our efforts to conserve energy and reduce our utility costs our homes are often tightly sealed, reducing the flow of fresh, outside air. 

10 Ways to Reduce your Water Bill

10 Ways to Reduce your Water Bill
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

While you can live without cable or satellite, you won’t live very long without water.

But don’t think that just because you need water you’re stuck with paying high water bills every month.

Assuming you don’t have a hidden water leak, if you find your water bill going up month after month, there are things you can do to reduce your water consumption (without resorting to bathing once a week).

Great Ideas to Hide Your Outdoor Trash Bin

If you’ve ever had to clean up trash that’s been scattered by some animal – or you’re tired of the smell and visual clutter – you’ve probably wondered if there was an easy way to hide your outdoor trash bin.

Sure, you could hide your trash can(s) in the garage, but who wants to wade through an awful stench just to get to their car?