National Preparedness Month and Tips Getting You Ready

September is National Preparedness Month. The Federal Emergency Maintenance Association (FEMA) coordinate over 30,000 members and 2,000 events around the United States to help people know what it means to be prepared for any emergency.  This Preparedness Community is a collaborative community where others share support and information in an effort to understand emergency preparedness. While this group also announces over 2,000 events nationwide that helps others become educated about hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, forest fires, house fires, and so much more.

Getting prepared about challenging situations that could put your family and homes at risk could be the difference between actual life or death. National Preparedness Month is designed to avoid tragic situations.

Online Communication

First make sure you have tools available to you to alert you about weather conditions, a number of sites can help you with these efforts. Following resources on Twitter is also a great way to stay connected with real time information.  @FEMA @WeatherChannel @RedCross

FEMA developed this app to help you know how to be prepared if disaster strikes. Know where to take shelter if disaster strikes.

The Whole Family

Being prepared means preparing your whole family. Events are happening in your local area to educate you and your children about emergencies. In addition, making sure your family has all the important telephone numbers enables everyone to understand where each might be when something unexpected happens. Your children’s schools and your offices should also have plans. So make sure you sit down with the appropriate administrator of these plans to educate the members of your family.


Keeping your pets calm during a disaster situation can be difficult. If need be, make sure you have the appropriate food and name tags for your pets. You need to remember to take them with you. Pets cannot survive on their own if they are left behind. Here are videos and brochures to help you establish an emergency plan to include your pets.

Disabled Individuals

If you or a loved one or friend have some disabilities that require extra needs, make sure you prepare your equipment for a disaster situation. Your family member may use items like electronic wheelchairs. If this is the case, make sure you have them charged. This is in case the power is lost. Another option is to equip your home with a back up generator. If you have specific medications you require, make sure you have a supply on hand. This supply should last you 3 – 5 days.

Make a Kit

Make a kit of some of the most basic elements. Items like flashlights with working batteries, charged cell phones, first aid kits, water, and 3 days worth of food. Also add medications, blankets and potentially weather proof jackets. Having a kit organized helps in case you are both stuck in your home for and extended period of time. This kit can also help if you are not able to get to your home.

In the last 10 years, US citizens have been taking emergencies seriously. May citizens have been securing emergency plans all over the nation. Here are some statistics on who is actually do more with Emergency Preparedness.

National Preparedness Month

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